Traffic regulation for cyclists in Malaga

Also in Spain are specific traffic regulations laid down in law which must be strictly adhered to. You will find the traffic regulations here (in Spanish) >>>

We gladly give you an overview about the most important regulations:


– The provisions of the traffic regulations are valid for the entire municipality of Malaga and the users and owners of streets and public or private land must adhere to them.

– Cyclists must preferential ride on bikeways or appropriately marked trails. The speed limit is 30 km/h.

– According to § 121,5 (Traffic Code) bicycles are not allowed to ride on pavements, sidewalks and pedestrian zones, except at a speed of less than 10 km/h or when the following circumstances may be considered:

a. There are no separate lanes for cyclists
b. The sidewalks have a minimum diameter of 3 meters
c. There are no crowds
d. The distance to the pedestrians is at least one meter
e. There are no signs or markings prohibiting bicycling

– If you cycle on the road, you have to stay on the right or middle lane (if available). The left lane is to be used only if there is no other way due to the circumstances of the road, or to turn left.

– If you ride on bike paths or similar paths separated from other road users, you must be particularly cautious when you come to sections which must be shared with pedestrians or other road users, e.g. pedestrian crossings which intersect the cycle.

– It is forbidden to ride in bus lanes, which are only intended for public transport.

– Zone 30: Cyclists are allowed to drive in streets with tempo limit 30 km/h and in residential areas while adjusting to the pace of pedestrians with particular caution.

– Cycling in public parks, promenades and other central pedestrian zones (as described in Article 1 of the road traffic act) is permitted, provided that the priority of pedestrians is considered, the tempo limit of 10 km/h is observed and the safety of pedestrians is not negligently violated by reckless manoeuvres.

– Cycling close to buildings: If you pass buildings make sure that a minimum space of 5 meters to the facade must be adhered to.

– For cyclists apply the same obligations and restrictions like for drivers of other vehicles regarding the consumption of alcohol, drugs, psychotropic drugs, stimulations and similar substances.

Prohibited conduct for cyclists

In accordance with the prevailing road traffic act and in order to ensure a safety bicycle ride the following regulations must be complied to:

– Neither when cycling or driving other vehicles, the utility of mobile phones or similar devices which impair the driver's attention, is not allowed.

– Unauthorised races or similar competitions are prohibited.

– Exceeding tempo limits or abrupt manoeuvres, which signify a serious hazard to other road users and pedestrians are prohibited.

Conditions of the bikes

In order to be allowed to use your bike on the road, it must be equipped with:

– Functioning front and rear breaking system.

– A bicycle bell. The application of a similar-sounding device is not equatable.

– The bikes must be equipped with front and rear light, rear reflector while cycling at night, through tunnels or under weather conditions that reduce the visibility significantly. Reflectors in the spokes and pedals are also recommended.


– Children under 7 must be taken in an approved child seat with a tested matching helmet. This applies only if the driver is older than 18 years.

– Due to safety reasons we recommend to wear a helmet. For children under 7 years helmets are required.

– Items can be transported on the bike by day and night as long as they are attached secured. In doing so certain weight restrictions must be observed.

– If the driver is full-aged, trailers for luggage or children are allowed.

– It is recommended to refrain from driving on the road with a trailer for children. Instead try to cycle on bicycle paths or traffic calmed such as 30 zones (streets with tempo limit at 30 km/h) and pedestrian areas (which are authorised for bikes).

– The trailer must clearly visible to other road users (same conditions as the bikes).

Please note that these are just some examples. However, you see that also in Spain is set great value upon road safety. Therefore you should always cycle with the utmost attention and consideration for other road users.

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