Why to do a guided bike tour with Bike Tours Malaga?

For the bike tours we provide you with high quality and comfortable bikes. To make sure that the tour will be as enjoyable as possible our english speaking team adjusts the bike to your individual needs. The tours are conducted by competent and trained guides. They are very flexible and agree to your special requires during the tour with pleasure. All this we offer you to a fair price.
How many days in advance should I sign up for guided bicycle tour?

How many days in advance should I sign up for guided bicycle tour?

Registration is necessarily before every bike tour. With that we can secure your place and arrange the tour guide in the required language for you, we recommend you to reserve at least one day in advance. We gladly accept even spontaneous registration.

If certain athletic conditions of participants are required?

Not at our City Bike Tours Malaga, Tapas & Wine Bike Tour Malaga and E-Bike Tour Malaga. Everyone who can ride the bike is welcome. We always adapt the speed of the tours to our participants. We make stops, so you can drink water and take pictures. Our Panorama Bike Tour Malaga require a certain condition of participants due to some climbing sections of the tour.

What if it rains – the tours take place anyway?

Yes. We also drive when its raining. Please bring a waterproof jacket. Of course, the planned bike tour to be canceled in heavy rain.

Should I leave a deposit for the guided bicycle tour?

If you participate in a guided bike tour with us, you don’t have to leave a deposit. Once you borrow the bike for your own trips without one of our guides, we ask you to leave an important document or a cash amount of 100 € for a City Bikes, 200 € for a Folding, Mountain or Trekking Bikes, 300 € for a E-Bikes. Otherwise the contract can not be fulfilled.

How safe are the guided bike tours?

Very safe. We only ride on safe routes and cycle ways. With a large group our second monitor will accompany you. Helmets are provided and free of charge. Our bikes are checked before each tour.

How long are the bike tours?

City Bike Tour Malaga and Panorama Bike Tour Malaga are about 3 hours. The Wine & Tapas Bike Tour Malaga lasts about 3 – 4 hours.

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