Cycling routes in Malaga – Direction East

You start at the popular urban beach La Malagueta. La Malagueta is characterized by its proximity to downtown and is only a view minutes away from our bike rental. Towards the end of the 19th century, the neighborhood La Malagueta was not as inviting as it is today. It was a vast industrial area with a canning factory, a shipyard, a saw mill and wine cellars. Similarly, an electric power station was built in Calle Maestranza, which used to supply the entire region with electricity. Today, all this does not exist anymore, the chimney of the electricity plant however is still there. Mainly there lived fishermen in La Malagueta.

Cycling routes in Malaga – Direction East

Old photos: La Malagueta XIX

In the same street you will find the Bullring of Malaga. The Bullring of Malaga is one of the biggest in Spain and got the 'A' category, which means, the best and worldwide famous bullfighters comes here. In the bullfight arena you can find the Bullfighting Museum Antonio Ordonez.

Now you cycle along the beach promenade Paseo Marítimo and enjoy the sea view. If you get hungry, you will find plenty of traditional beach bars along the coast. They are very nice for a traditional lunch and are attended by locals as well. Our tip: fresh seafood or Espeto de Sardinas and a glass of Tinto de Verano.

Following to the east on the way to El Palo you will see on the left the former Miramar Palace, which housed Hemingway on his trip to Spain in 1959. It was built in 1921–1926 by architect Guerrero Strachan and converted to the court house in 1987.

Cycling routes in Malaga – Baños del Carmen

Cyclng routes Malaga East Side: Baños del Carmen

Further east from Baños de Carmen, you will reach Pedregalejos, a charming district of Malaga. Despite the mass tourism along the Andalusian coast, this neighborhood has hardly changed over the years and thus retains its traditional malagenian charm. Here you will still experience the traditional lifestyle of the locals.

Also you will find here a variety of beach restaurants. Particulary tempting are the small boats which grill skewered sardines (Espeto de sardinas) over open fire. The sardine skewers are typical of Malaga. They are recommended for a traditional lunch and frequently attended by locals. Parallel to the beach are small Andalusian streets which are worth visiting.

If you follow the beach promenade further on, you will come to El Palo. Pedregalejo and El Palo are separated by a river. You can cross the river over the bridge on the beach promenade. El Palo is a cozy neighborhood and is known for its traditional fisheries. You can still find many rustic seafood restaurants and historic buildings.

On the beach of La Chanquete / El Dedo is the highly recommended fish restaurant El Tintero. The waiters carry around plates of delicious fried fish throughout the whole restaurant and you just help yourself. Without any prior order you just take the plate that appeals you most.

If you keep going east, following the roadside and passing the port El Candado, you will find a bike path (foot o bike path), which leads you directly to La Cala de Moral.

Cycling routes in Malaga – Peñon del Cuervo

Cyclng routes Malaga East Side: Peñon del Cuervo

Since passing the small bay Peñon del Cuervo you will be on the coast of La Cala de Moral. In the sixteenth century it was an important place to protect the eastern coastal region from attackers. The first settelers were fishermen in the XX century. La Cala de Moral provides a 2-kilometer-long beautiful beach. If you go to the end of the beach, you will get to the malagenian suburb Rincon de la Victoria.

Between La Cala de Moral and Rincon de la Victoria are old railway tunnels (without rails), which can be used as bicycle and walking trails. The full distance from Malaga to Rincon de la Victoria is about 15 km and now you can turn back to finish this bicycle trip.

You can discover this route on our comfortable city bikes.

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