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E-Bike Rental in Malaga – E-Folding-Bikes

4 hours 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 1 week extra day
20 € 30 € 50 € 65 € 80 € 95 € 110 € 125 € 15 €

The E-Folding-Bikes are just as easy to use as the normal folding bikes but with the comfort of the normal E-bike. This bike is the key ingredient for a relaxed trip. Whether the plan is to explore cities, mountains or beaches... everything is possible with this handy bike.

standard lock included

9 gears / 4 cycling modes

400W Bosch battery

bike rack for luggage for panniers


Accessories for our e-folding-bikes

If you rent for several days we provide also the battery charger. Helmet and two locks are included in the rental price. We point out, however, not leave our e-bikes out of your sight. Even not if they are properly locked and especially not at night. Please contact us if you need more information about this. Other accessories from our range, you can find in bicycle accessories, which is not included in the rental price.

Our terms of hire for bicycles

The hirer confirms with signing the contract to assume the total responsibility for all rented bikes, parts and accessories and validates, that the bikes at rental time have been in an impeccable condition.

For every bike rental contract we ask for deposit: Credit Card Deposit + Copy of Passport/ID or fixed amount of money + Copy of Passport/ID. Accepted cards: Visa and Master Card. If you have questions, get in contact with us.

Detailed information about our rental conditions can be found in this article Our conditions for bike rentals with Bike Tours Malaga on our homepage.

Please acknowledge that we can not offer a pickup-service in case of punctures or other damages and that the hirer is committed to bring the damaged bike back to our shop in Calle Vendeja 6 in Malaga on his own. Dependant to the availability we can offer you in case of damage an equivalent bike of the same type. For punctures we don't cover the costs of other repair shops. To hedge in terms of punctures, we offer you in our store spray bottles, which fill the defective tire with specially hardening foam, thereby allowing further movement.

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