Highly motivated guides are the key to a successful bike tours. All our guides are passionate cyclists with a deep knowledge of culture, history, current events and languages. We are not a franchise, we do not have fixed route plans and every guide is unique. We are happy to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about Malaga, Andalusia and Spain with you, they answer questions and also provide useful tips for your further stay.

Guide in Dutch in Malaga


"Bike rental- and tour manager. I will guide you in English, Dutch, Spanish or in French and will show you the best of Malaga :)"

Malaga Guide in Dutch


"I first came to Malaga in 2010 and fell in love with the city instantly. Love to bike around, swim around, climb around. Malaga is a trap! Don’t come, or you stay for long :)"

Malaga Guide in Dutch


"You will find me in the shop and during the tours, I will give tours in Dutch & English. With my enthousiasm for Málaga, I will show you all the nice spots in the city with some tips for the best places to eat :) Malaga has it all: delicious food, history, culture and beautiful beaches!"

Malaga Guide in Dutch


"The majority of time I spend on tours which I really love because Malaga is a place of infinitive stories accompanied with amazing weather."

Malaga Guide in Dutch


"Discovered the beauty and uniqueness of Andalusia in 2007 and founded the first bike rental company in Malaga same year. Since that time guiding in Malaga, Andalusia and Spain in German, English, Spanish and Russian."

Malaga artists, Malaga Cerramic


"Spain fascinated me since my first visit to this country. To fell in love with Malaga - surrounded by mountains, sea and sun – was a logical consequence. From the very first steps I worked on developing of this company. I am responsible for implementation of booking systems, intern organisation, web and communication design. I am also a passionate painter and ceramic artist."

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