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Cycling Tours in Andalusia – countryside, peace and quiet

Would you like to cycle through olive fields, to drink water from old wells, to watch the horses grazing or to see the amazing play of light in the mountains? Disused railway tracks, which have become cycle tracks (the so-called Vías Verdes) – pass through the remotest corners of Andalusia, passing the picturesque white villages, through green trenches, lit tunnels and beautiful hanging bridges. These are unique moments; solitude and simplicity make you forget all that does not matter.


Course of the bicycle tours:

You can choose between two routes. Both have about the same length, about 35 km. To make the wished route on a certain determined day, we meet in our shop, where we collect the bikes and accessories and drive to the starting point of the preferred route.

Before departure we ask you to sign the disclaimer. We also need a deposit, which can be: a copy of the identity card and credit card, where we blocked a certain amount of money (200 € for a Mountain/Trekking Bike and 300 € for a E-Bike), so, we ask you to bring your identity card and a valid credit card. The amount of the deposit will be unlocked in our shop after making the route and returning the bikes.

Afterwards we take you by car, along with bicycles, to the starting point where you can start the route. The drive from Malaga to the starting point is in both cases between 1,5 and 2 hours.

The estimated time to do either route is about 3–4 hours. Once done, we will be waiting at the end point of the route to pick you up along with the bikes and return to Malaga.

The routes are well indicated, so we offer to do the route on your own, without a guide, but we also have the option to make the route with a guide to accompany you during the tour.



The routes are not complicated for someone who is used to bike, however, we also offer the option of using an electric bike for those who want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Andalusia without too much physical effort.



We offer various types of bikes, even electric ones for those who need some help to during the route. The price will vary depending on the chosen bicycle. Any of the bikes in the list below are suitable for these routes; you can choose the type of bike you are used to use or the one that feels more comfortable.

Andalusia Bike Tours on Trekking bikes

Andalusia Bike Tours on MTB

Andalusia Bike Tours on Ebike

Andalusia Cycling Tours on Ebike

Andalusia Bike Tour on E-MTB




Here you can find our prices for tours starting in our shop in Malaga. In case you want us to pick you up in your hotel or in another city in the Province of Malaga, please contact us and we'll will look for options.

In case you are with a group of more than 7 participants, please also ask about the possible options.

  On Trekking Bike On MTB On E–CB On E-TB / E-MB
1 person 260 € 264 €  270 € 275 €
2 persons 280 € 288 €  300 € 310 €
3 persons 300 € 312 €  330 € 345 €
4 persons 320 € 336 €  360 € 380 €
5 persons 400 € 420 €  450 € 475 €
6 persons 420 € 444 €  480 € 510 €
7 persons 440 € 468 €  510 € 545 €
Additional price for a guide: 140 €


Included in the price:

  • Transfer from bike2malaga (or another point that we agree beforehand) to the starting point of the route and from the end point back to Malaga
  • 2 bottles of water per person
  • Basic repair kit on each bike (extra inner tube, tire irons, puncture repair kit and a pump)
  • Helmet for every person
  • Liability insurance

Not included in price:

  • Guide / road assistance (this service can be hired for an additional fee)
  • Food and beverages
  • Repairs / road assistance (this service is included if you hire a guide)
  • Insurance for material, personal damages or negligence


Bike Routes:

Vía Verde de la Sierra (from Olvera to Puerto Serrano), 36 km

This beautiful route goes along the banks of many rivers; one of the prominent places where you could pass by is the majestic rock of Zaframagón, one of the only reserves of vultures in Europe.

More information: Via Verde de la Sierra – oficial website

Vía Verde de la Subbética (from Luque to Lucena), 32 km

This route shows us charming villages such as Luque, Zuheros, Doña Mencia, Cabra and Lucena, where we can observe beautiful castles, mountains and huge olive fields.

More information: Via Verde de La Subbetica – oficial website



We only offer the routes of the Vías Verdes by prior reservation, for booking or further information please contact us.

Groups, Companies, Agencies

For groups, school groups, company outings, agencies and businesses, we offer tailor-made solutions. We know our city and have an extended network of contacts. Whether a workshop bicycle tour to El Palo, seafood degustation in one of Malaga's beach restaurants, sardine skewers or paella cooked by yourself, a boat ride on the Bahia de Malaga – we can design a completely customized tour for you.

Gladly we can add museum visits, lunch, dinner and much more to your tour. Just let us know your individual needs.

Prices are individually depending on the tour.

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