We offer a variety of high-quality city bikes, kids bikes, folding bikes and electric bikes at fair prices.

In case you are interested in renting another type of bike, please visit our webpage of bike2malaga, where you will find all types of specialised bikes we offer. This wide offer ranges from trekking bikes and several models of electric bikes to mountain bikes and road bikes (both aluminium and carbon ones).

Malaga bike hire – city bikeMalaga rent a bike from 5 euros

Prices for City Bike rental:

1/2 day – 5 €
1 day – 10 €
2 days – 20 €
3 days – 27 €
4 days – 34 €
5 days – 41 €
6 days – 48 €
1 week – 55 €
Extra day – 5 €


The city bikes are particularly suitable for exploratory trips in the city and day trips along the coast. Comfortable, robust, classic and affordable.

Bike hire Malaga – reserve a bike

Electric bike rental MalagaMalaga electric road bike rental from 20 euros

Prices for E-Bike rental:

1/2 Tag – 20 €
1 day – 30 €
2 days – 50 €
3 days – 65 €
4 days – 80 €
5 days – 95 €
6 days – 110 €
1 week – 125 €
Extra day – 15 €


You need some support for cycling? Then our bikes fit perfectly to you – our brand new E-Bikes. With these bikes you can reach 100 km stressless. The electric bike we have with mans and with lady frame

Malaga e-bike rental

Malaga bike rental – folding bikeBike rental in Malaga – from 5 euros

Prices for Folding Bike rental:

1/2 day – 10 €
1 day – 20 €
2 days – 35 €
3 days – 45 €
4 days – 55 €
5 days – 65 €
6 days – 75 €
1 week – 85 €
Extra day – 10 €

The most convenient option for those who want to take along the bike on public transport or for those who want to store it in a space-saving way in the apartment or car, is the folding bike. We have compiled the best of all for you: Ridgeback, Brompton or Dahon. Book in advance if you want to rent one of our all-rounders.

Bicycle rental Malaga – reserve a bike

Malaga bike hire – kids bikeMalaga rent a bike from 5 euros

Prices for Kids Bike rental:

1 day – 5 €


For our small clients, we offer special kids bike. They are perfect for day trips into the city center and for bike rides along the beach promenade. Because of their 3–speed hubs they are also suitable for longer rides outside of Malaga.

Bike hire Malaga – reserve a bike

The price includes helmets and bike locks. We offer repair kits, spare tubes and pump at no extra charge for MTB, trekking bikes and road bikes. Just ask in advance. We rent child seats which are suitable for all bikes for only 5 €.

Malaga is not a dangerous city and most of our bikes, e.g. our city bikes, have already fitted rear-wheel locks (spokes lock). Despite all this, you must observe some rules in Malaga too, because sometimes bicycle thefts happen here as well.

Not a single insurance company in Spain offers a bicycle-theft protection. For this reason we have taken some security precautions and provide extra strong locks. However, in the event of theft or damage of the bicycles or accessories the customer has to compensate for the loss. We recommend to correctly lock up the bikes always and to shelter the bikes in your accommodation overnight. Gladly we ask at your hotel if the latter is possible. If this is not the case you can leave your bike in our rental out of office hours. Apart from that you can take out a travel insurance including theft insurance before the journey, if this is possible.

After signing the contract you are responsible that the bikes will be returned in same condition as before the rental. By signing the contract you confirm that you have rented the bike in good condition.

What should I do if my bike has a flat tire?

Does your city bike have a flat tire, bring it back to our rental. We gladly replace the bike with the flat tire against another one, as soon as we have unrented city bikes in stock. Of course you can also get help in a workshop on the spot. However, we do not bear the costs if the bike was repaired in another workshop. If you rent a trekking or mountain bike we always give you a repair kit and a spare tube.

Do I need a helmet?

A helmet is not compulsory in Malaga, there are no requirements to wear a helmet in town. On national roads outside of towns however helmets are required. We recommend bringing your own helmet. We also have helmets ready at your disposal.

For more information about our terms and conditions, please click here >>>

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