Pleasant ambience, small groups, comfortable bikes and expert tour guides make our bike tours an unforgettable experience. Choose the tour you like – we'll take care of all the details.
Please note that it is required to make a reservation for all tours at least one day prior to the desired date. Inform us about the preferred time as well as the language.

Malaga Sightseeing Tour 23 €
18 € students with ID
15 € children under 14 years

Malaga is synonymous with lust for life, passion and culture. On this tour you will learn interesting facts about more than 3000 years of history, well dosed with stories and anecdotes about today's life and of important personalities of Malaga. The City Bike Tour Malaga revolves around ancient history, religion, architecture, current and cultural events, folk customs and leisure.

Malaga Mountain bike Tour to Montes de Malaga 30 €
25 € students with ID
20 € children under 14 years

For admirers of beautiful views, for those who already know the city center of Malaga, or for those who want to do sports, we have a special treat: The Panorama Bike Tour Malaga. This tour requires a bit of stamina, but you'll be rewarded with the best views of Malaga and its surroundings from different perspectives.

Tapas Tour Malaga by bike 35 €
25 € children under 14 years

Boquerones al Vinagre, Pipirrana de Pulpo, Porra Antequerrana or Patatas Bravas con Vino Dulce – this is how we order typical tapas in Malaga! Do you want to try it, too? On our Wine and Tapas Bike Tour, we invite you to an exciting historical and culinary journey through one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia!

Tapas Tour Malaga by bike 35/40 €
30/35 € students with ID

Malaga is Natural Paradise! Due to its perfect geographical location between the mountains, rivers and the sea it consists of amazing natural surroundings. Discover on our Urban Nature Bike Tour Malaga a wide range of plants and animal species which you can see rarely in other places. See the deltas of our rivers, breathe the clear Mediterranean air, feel the exotic ambience – this tour will give you a totally different and unexpected perspective of Malaga!

Marbella Stadführung 25 €
15 € children under 14 years

‪We invite you to a fascinating journey through the history of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. During this guided bike tour through Marbella our experienced guide will lead you to many interesting places and monuments of Marbella.

Bike tours in Marbella – Puerto Banus Bike Tour 25 €
15 € children under 14 years

‪Discover Marbella on a relaxed bicycle ride along the coast! Our guides will show you the city as it lives and pulsates. You will also learn both about the history, geography and religion in Spain and Marbella, as well as exciting anecdotes and customs of today's life. We lead you to the hot spots of the city and show you why Marbella is one of the most popular tourist metropolises around the world.‬

Wine and Tapas Tour Marbella – guided tours Marbella 35 €
25 € children under 14 years

Join us on an exciting historical and culinary journey through the wonderful city Marbella. On our Wine and Tapas Bike Tour Marbella you will experience what Andalusia has to offer. Get to know the most beautiful spots in the city, get an interesting information about the spanish history, culture and present and get an insight into the life of Marbella.

The meeting point for the tours in Marbella is infront of the tourism office of Marbella which you can easily find on the esplanade. You can park your car in Parking El Molino which you can easily fint on the map.

Meeting point for guided tours in Marbella

Bike tours in AndalusiaBy request

Would you like to cycle through olive fields, to drink water from old wells, to watch the horses grazing or to see the amazing play of light in the mountains? Would you like to pass through the remotest corners of Andalusia, white villages, lit tunnels and beautiful hanging bridges? Please check our tours trough Andalusia and Vias Verdes >>>

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