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¡Hola and welcome to Malaga! We've been welcoming cycling enthusiasts from all over the world since 2007 and hope to assist you as well in planning your adventures in Malaga and Andalusia.

Our principle

Our principle – from the very beginning we have dedicated ourselves with severity and enthusiasm to sustainable tourism and have made bicycling possible for visitors to Malaga. bike2malaga is the first bike rental service in Malaga and we have served thousands of bicycle enthusiasts. They are our daily inspiration.

Our philosophy

bike2malaga – Malaga bike tours and Malaga Bike Rental

Our philosophy – we provide you with valuable and interesting ideas for your stay in Malaga and Andalusia. Whether exploring the Sunshine Coast on your ownor taking a guided city bike tour with us or just leaning back and relaxing during our comfortable biketaxi tour – you have a wide range of possibilities and you can always expect our best.

Our strengths

Over time we have gained strong recognition. Interesting bicycle tours, modern and high-quality bicycles, personal advice and always a reasonable price/performance ratio are integral parts of our business. Our tours are 5 star-rated by various leading travel review sites. Our bikes are provided by well-known manufacturers and are top quality. We prefer to invest in quality and your well-being rather than in complicated marketing strategies and expensive advertising.


Our guides


Highly motivated guides are the key to a successful bike tours. All our guides are passionate cyclists with a deep knowledge of culture, history, current events and languages. We are not a franchise, we do not have fixed route plans and every guide is unique.


Our guides are happy to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about Malaga, Andalusia and Spain with you, they answer questions and also provide useful tips for your further stay.



Ricardo – Road bike routes Malaga Andalusia



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Vlad – Geschäftsleiter von Bike Tours und Rentals Malaga





Bicycle revolutionist of the South: Founder of the first bicycle rental in Malaga and the first bike taxi operation in Andalusia.



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